Dental Problems Needing Help from an Emergency Dentist

Dental Problems Needing Help from an Emergency Dentist

February 1, 2021

Whether minor or significant, dental issues cause anxiety among everyone, primarily when the problem occurs in the evenings or on holidays. You may not have the flexibility to wait for weeks until you get an appointment with your regular dentist. Delay receiving the treatment required from the dentist near you, and you allow the problem to fester and worsen.

Any dental issue bothering you after office hours or holidays need treatments either from a dental clinic near you or the emergency dentist near you. You must visit a dental professional to alleviate the pain and exacerbate the problem to help it worsen.

Emergency dental care is not similar to scheduling a regular appointment. The treatment costs more and is the reason why you may be hesitant to visit the dentist Culver City. You may not realize the severity of the issue affecting you. Let us make it easier for you to understand when some problems need prompt treatment from the Culver city dentist providing emergency services.

Which Dental Issues Require Prompt Treatment from Emergency Dentists?

Damaged Tooth

Broken, fractured, or chipped teeth frequently lead to other complications when left untreated. The fracture continues to grow until it reaches the tooth’s pulp chamber. The nerve and pulp within the chamber become exposed to irritants in your mouth like food particles and bacteria. A fracture is a recipe for infections and tooth decay, eventually leading to tooth loss. After experiencing a damaged tooth, visiting an emergency dentist prevents the need for intensive treatments later on when your condition worsens.

Persistent Toothaches

All toothaches are not similar. Some are easily managed using over-the-counter pain medications or pain relievers. The others will leave you incapable of focusing on anything during the day or even get a good night’s rest. If you experience a persistent toothache that refuses to subside, it is a sign of an underlying severe dental issue requiring prompt treatment from an emergency dentist. The pain could result from sensitivity, infections, or fractures.

Severe Bleeding Gums

Severe bleeding from the gums is never a positive sign. It indicates you either have gum disease or infections in your mouth. Conditions in the mouth are easily preventable besides being easy to treat when detected early. However, if you let the infection progress, it spreads to other parts of your body, making it significantly challenging to control. The early stages of gum disease are entirely reversible but allow it to progress to periodontitis, and you have a challenging task on your hands requiring frequent dental visits for nonsurgical or surgical treatments.

Tooth Loss from Trauma

Tooth loss due to any reason requires prompt emergency dental treatment. Whether you have lost a tooth in a motor vehicle accident or any sporting activity, the possibilities of the injury damaging the surrounding gum tissue and nerves exist. Left untreated, the injury can leave you with severe complications. You must collect the broken tooth and try to reach the dentist’s office within 30 minutes, preserving the tooth in a moist condition either in your mouth or a cup of milk. Relate dental care can reinsert a knocked-out tooth into its socket to prevent the need for artificial teeth if contacted within the timeline specified.

Loose or Lost Prosthetics

If you are wearing dental prosthetics like crowns, fillings, or veneers and experience loosening or falling out of the appliances, you must consider seeking help from an emergency dentist to restore the prosthetics. Loose fillings allow bacteria to penetrate your tooth, and the case is no different with lost crowns that cover damaged or decayed teeth. Having them restored as soon as possible is recommended by most dentist 90230. The emergency dentist near you can quickly restore the prosthetics to ensure you don’t encounter any further issues that may hinder your smile.

The instances mentioned above are issues that need prompt treatment from an emergency dentist. You can undoubtedly contact your regular dentist for treatment if they provide emergency services, and any point mentioned above affects you during regular working hours. However, if things are the other way around and you don’t have access to dental services in the evenings or holidays, your cause is better served by contacting an emergency dentist close to you to ensure you don’t spend an uncomfortable night or weekend struggling with pain.

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