Dental Sealants for Adults: Procedure and Purpose

Dental Sealants for Adults: Procedure and Purpose

April 1, 2023

For you to have healthy and strong teeth, dentists will recommend regular teeth brushing and flossing to help eliminate plaque and food particles from your teeth. Brushing your teeth doesn’t completely remove all the particles since some get stuck in the tiny grooves found on teeth surfaces. As time goes by, bacteria in your mouth will begin to break down the stuck particles and, in the process, initiate the process of tooth decay. Progressive dental decay results in tooth cavities and may also cause gum disease.

Fortunately, you can get dental sealants to protect the hard-to-reach areas in your mouth from decay. Sealants, just like the name suggests, seal out food particles and plaque, preventing them from making their way into your dental grooves and pits. Although dental sealants are mostly used on young children and teenagers because they are more likely to develop tooth decay, adults too can also get them.

The Purpose of Getting Dental Sealants

They are usually used on teeth at the back of the mouth, molars, and premolars since they are the most affected.

Although sealants are available for use by adults, you should know that not everyone will make a good candidate for them. Having decayed teeth, irrespective of the stage of the decay process or teeth that need restorative treatment, automatically disqualifies you from sealant treatment. People whose teeth have grooves and pits from decay will first have to seek treatment before being scheduled for sealants. This is because if an adult with decayed teeth gets sealants, the decay will continue progressing beneath the sealant, so it will be ineffective in preventing tooth cavities.

Here are some of the reasons why our dentist in Culver City near Ladera Heights may recommend dental sealants:

Prevent tooth cavities Adults whose teeth display signs of early decay can benefit from sealant application as it will help contain the damage and prevent further progression. Since the sealant material applied is clear, your dentist is able to keep track of the sealant to ensure it is in good form and working as expected.

  • Decrease the occurrence of dental decay.

Any person who wants to protect their teeth from decay should consider sealants because they have proven to be effective and an important part of preventing costly restorative procedures. Dental sealants can last for a decade when taken care of appropriately and with routine checkups and replacements.

  • Enhance appearance

Getting dental sealants will not only make brushing your teeth easier but also enhance the appearance of your smile. When you have sealants, a few food particles will get stuck in the crevices at the back of your mouth, lessening the chances of bacterial buildup within the crannies and nooks. This automatically leads to reduced stains on your teeth’ surface, which translates to a healthier, whiter, and cleaner smile.

  • Combat Aging

As you age and grow older, your exposure to tooth decay increases, and this is because of the biochemical change that occurs in your saliva and teeth structure. To protect and safeguard your teeth and oral health, you can get dental sealants near you as they will shield your teeth during such times.

Dental Sealant Application Procedure Step by Step

Below is the sealant application process:

  • Step 1: Preparation

This will involve thoroughly cleaning the tooth to enhance the effectiveness of the tooth sealant. After cleaning, the tooth is dried, and an absorbent material is placed around it to keep it that way.

  • Step 2: Isolation of the tooth

The reason for isolating the prepared tooth is to avoid salivary contamination, as this will weaken the strength of the bond between the enamel and the sealant.

  • Step 3: Acid Etching, Rinsing, and Drying

An acidic solution that does not corrode the enamel is applied to roughen the tooth surface to help the sealant bond on your tooth’s chewing surface. The tooth is then rinsed and dried and is ready for the sealant.

  • Step 4: Application and Curing of the Sealant

The sealant is applied over your tooth enamel, and a curing light is used to harden it.

If you are an adult who is considering getting dental sealants in Culver City, book an appointment with our dentist at Relate Dental Care for a consultation and evaluation.

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