Emergency Dental Situations and How to Respond to Them

Emergency Dental Situations and How to Respond to Them

December 1, 2020

Can you tell if a dental issue is something that raises a concern or a normal thing that will go away on its own or wait until the dentist’s office is open? Some dental issues might seem small at first but lead to complications that will require complicated and expensive treatments.

However, most signs of dental emergencies are noticeable since you might experience excruciating pain, discomfort, swelling and sometimes bleeding. For pain relief and to prevent further complications, you can consider visiting an emergency dentist near you.

Signs and Response

Some of the common signs that if you see, you should consider visiting an emergency dental clinic include:

Broken or Knocked Your Teeth

When playing sports or get involved in a fight, you might be hit and injure your teeth or jaw. The impact might cause your teeth to break, loosen or fall out. In such a case, you are likely to experience pain and sometimes bleed.

To reduce pain and stop bleeding, you should consider emergency dental care. Immediate response can also help save your tooth if it is fallen out. Therefore, you should contact your dentist 90230 immediately and book an appointment for emergency dental care.

As you prepare to go to the dental office, you can collect the fallen tooth and clean it with running water. When cleaning the tooth, avoid touching the root nerves and store it in milk or saliva. Alternatively, you can try placing it in the socket. To reduce the pain, you can ask your dentist the right pain reliever when scheduling the appointment.

Swelling and Toothache

When you have an unexplained toothache and swelling, you should not ignore. An infection might cause persistent toothache and swell in your gums. Sometimes a bump might be a sign of oral cancer. Oral cancer can be fatal but treatable in its early stages. Therefore, you should seek emergency dental care for proper diagnosis and treatments.

For pain relief, you can use pain relievers such as Tylenol. However, it would help if you consult your dentist first to ensure the over-the-counter pain relievers are safe for you. To reduce swelling, you can apply a cold compress over the face several times a day.


After tooth extraction, you might experience bleeding on the gums. However, the bleeding should stop after a few hours. Therefore, if the bleeding persists or starts oozing much blood after clotting, you should consider visiting your emergency dentist Culver city.

To reduce blood loss, you can place gauze on the socket and bite it down without applying much pressure to prevent irritations. Alternatively, you can bite down a teabag. The teabag contains blood loss and enhances clotting since it absorbs moisture.

Canker Sore That Is Not Healing

Canker sores are not a new thing and can heal naturally. However, when the canker sore persists for more than two weeks without healing, you should consider visiting an emergency dentist immediately for treatments.

Lost Crown or Filling

When you have a lost dental restoration, you might have a foul taste of metal in your mouth. If you have a lost filling or crown and ignore it, you might be at risk of developing further complications such as tooth decay or root canal infection.

Therefore, if you taste coins in your mouth, you should contact your emergency dentist near you immediately. If you don’t know an emergency dental clinic, you can perform a search emergency dentist near me and get a list of dental offices near you. To prevent infection, you can rinse your mouth using warm saline water.

Tooth Abscess

A dental abscess can be very painful. Sometimes you might have difficulties swallowing or even breathing. The dental abscess present as white sacs with pus around the gums. The white spots can break, and you might feel a foul smell and taste in your mouth.

When you have a dental abscess, you can contact your emergency dentist for treatments. In the meantime, you can swish clove oil in your mouth to reduce the burning sensation and soreness.

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