Root Canal Step By Step: How Many Visits Does It Take?

Root Canal Step By Step: How Many Visits Does It Take?

August 1, 2023

Root canal therapy is an intervention performed by dental care near you to save your pulp from damage due to bacterial infection. A root canal treatment consists of several steps and may require you to visit the dentist severally. How long a root canal treatment varies from person to person. The duration of the treatment also depends on several factors, like the severity of the infection, the patient’s response to therapy, and the complexity of the situation. Read on to get a detailed step-by-step guide to a root canal treatment.

  • Step 1: Initial Examination

An examination is the very first step in root canal treatment. When getting root canals near Ladera Heights in Culver City, your dentist performs a thorough oral examination. Sometimes, the dentist may take an X-ray of the damaged tooth to assess the severity of the damage. Most importantly, the examination is vital in determining whether a root canal treatment is ideal for you.

  • Step 2: Anesthesia 

If the dentist performing root canal treatment near you determines that a root canal is necessary, they administer anesthesia. The anesthesia numbs the area near the infected tooth to reduce the pain and discomfort you might experience during the procedure.

  • Step 3: Access and Cleaning

The dentists in Relate Dental Care uses specialized and sterilized tools to create an opening in your tooth’s crown. The dentist then starts cleaning, which involves removing the infected pulp and any debris. A dentist near you then cleans and shapes your root canal in preparation for filling.

  • Step 4: Medication

Sometimes, the dentist may put medication in the root canals to get rid of bacteria and the infection before proceeding with the treatment. You may require to revisit the dentist if more medicine is still needed to cure the condition.

  • Step 5: Temporary Filling

After cleaning the root canals, your dentist places a temporary filling to cover the opening and prevent re-infection. Covering the opening protects your teeth until the dentist finds a permanent solution for your tooth, like a dental crown.

  • Step 6: Final Restoration

Your dentist will require you to visit them once more after you have completely healed. During the follow-up visit, the dentist removes the temporary filling and replaces it with a permanent restoration like a dental crown. However, sometimes your dentist performs a root filling in place of a crown. Getting a tooth filling is necessary to strengthen your tooth as it may weaken during the treatment.

How Long Does Root Canal Therapy Take?

Generally, the treatment requires only two to three visits. However, your dentist may recommend follow-up visits to facilitate healing and ensure you get the proper treatment. Following your dentist’s instructions and attending dental appointments on time are vital in promoting speedy and adequate recovery.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

An emergency dentist may recommend endodontic treatment for a severely infected or damaged pulp. However, some tell-tale signs you may need a root canal include the following:

  • Persistent tooth pain and discomfort
  • Sensitivity that lingers after ingesting hot or cold foods
  • Pus coming out from your swollen gums
  • Tooth discoloration as it is an indication of an infected pulp
  • A cracked or chipped tooth as a result of trauma or an accident
  • Pus pocket or pimple on the gum
  • The foul odour emanates from the mouth due to pus draining from your mouth.
  • You have a tooth that feels loose

Tips on Preparing For A Root Canal Therapy

Your dentist will give you some guidelines to follow before beginning the treatment. Some of the ways you can prepare for a root canal treatment include the following:

  • Take the prescribed medication faithfully to help clear the infection before treatment
  • Don’t smoke, as it may interfere with the healing process
  • Eat a well-balanced meal before your appointment, as it may become difficult to eat after treatment


A dentist performs root canal therapy on a tooth with infected pulp. Some signs you need a root canal treatment include persistent pain in your tooth, a sensitivity that won’t go away, and swollen gum. Generally, the treatment requires two to three dental visits. However, the duration might be longer if your tooth is severely infected. The therapy involves an initial examination, cleaning, medication, and filling of the infected tooth. Your dentist in Relate Dental Care will advise you to take some safety measures before the treatment, which may include refraining from smoking, eating a healthy meal, and finishing your medication to eliminate the infection.

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