Teeth Straightening Options You Should Know About

Teeth Straightening Options You Should Know About

March 1, 2023

If you consider straightening your teeth, present-day teeth straightening options are unlike the solutions available earlier when you had to rely on metal brackets, wires, and bands considered the gold standard to achieve your goal. Instead, contemporary teeth straightening options are designed to be practical and discreet to ensure you can confidently proceed with your life.

Reasons to Consider Teeth Straightening

You should align your teeth to feel more confident with your smile, improve your bite, help you maintain dental hygiene, and reduce tooth wear and tear. It is convenient to ignore problems with your teeth. However, orthodontics near you can make the treatment needed to fix the issues with your teeth simple than you think.

How Did You Develop Alignment Issues?

Genetics plays a role in shaping and sizing your jaw, affecting your teeth’ alignment. Therefore if you have overcrowded teeth or a bad bite, it is an inheritance from your family.

Options for Teeth Straightening

  • Metal Braces: Conventional metal braces remain the most common orthodontic appliance for children and teenagers. With metal braces, tiny brackets are mounted on the teeth and attached with a thin wire adjusted and changed frequently at regular intervals to align your teeth gradually. Metal braces are an effective and reliable option from Culver City orthodontics, helping treat problems with your teeth and jaw to give you the desired smile. In addition, present-day metal braces are tinier than earlier, making them more comfortable. Younger patients can even have colorful elastic modules to make the treatment fashionable and fun.
  • Ceramic Braces: Adults find ceramic braces convenient for their needs because they don’t make the treatment apparent. They are less distinguishable than metal braces because of their tooth-colored brackets and wires. Ceramic braces are also reliable because they function precisely the same as metal braces delivering results in the treatment duration.
  • Lingual Braces: If you want a genuinely invisible option, you can consider customized lingual braces attached to the inside surfaces of your teeth. Personalization is crucial for lingual braces to follow the contours of your teeth and ensure they are comfortable and practical as possible. Unfortunately, as lingual braces are positioned near your tongue, they take more time to get accustomed to and may impact your speech and dietary patterns more than conventional braces making more people consider alternative options.
  • Clear Aligners: Transparent aligners provide an invisible alternative to traditional braces that remain fixed on your teeth. However, clear aligners are better suited for mild to moderate orthodontic problems and do not help with complicated issues. In addition, the virtually invisible clear aligners also have a removable feature and need removal when eating and cleaning teeth. However, if they don’t remain over the teeth consistently or are removed from the mouth, the treatment can lengthen or fail.

What after Orthodontic Treatment?

After using an option that best suits your needs to straighten teeth from the dentist near Studio Village in Culver city, you must ensure your newly straightened teeth remain in place and do not revert to their original positions. Therefore regardless of the orthodontic option you select to straighten your teeth, you must wear retainers over them indefinitely or until the dentist suggests you can wear them at night.

If you neglect wearing retainers after straightening your teeth, they can move back to their original positions within a week, making orthodontic treatment appear expensive and wasteful. Therefore the better option is to adhere to your dentist’s instructions to wear the retainers for as long as recommended without exceptions.

When Are Teeth Straightening Optimal?

Teeth straightening is often associated with children and teenagers, with adults unfortunate not to receive treatment during childhood shunning the idea of having braces or aligners to straighten teeth. However, orthodontics does not specify any age for teeth straightening, confirming you can have your teeth straightened regardless of whether you are nine or 90. Straightening teeth during adulthood is challenging because of restoration like fillings, missing teeth, et cetera. However, orthodontics nearby has expert knowledge on straightening teeth, indicating they can help you overcome any challenge. The orthodontist will assess your teeth and oral health during your consultation before flagging any concerns.

If you are concerned with misaligned teeth, kindly put your fears behind you and contact Relate Dental Care for a reliable and effective option to correct your orthodontic imperfections. The options available to straighten teeth may surprise you, but dentistry advances now make it possible to achieve your goal using a multitude of orthodontic appliances to achieve your goal.

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