Why Dental Crowns Are a Popular Choice for Smile Makeovers?

Why Dental Crowns Are a Popular Choice for Smile Makeovers?

July 11, 2023

The appearance of teeth declines with time due to poor oral habits, sudden trauma to the mouth, or improper care. If your smile is misaligned, cracked, or stained, getting dental crowns near you can help to get a desired smile makeover. It uses multiple treatments to transform your smile. The whole dental crown placement procedure for a smile makeover usually takes 1 to 2 hours at the clinic.

Benefits of Crowns for a Smile Makeover

Let us discover the pros of using dental crowns in Clarkdale, Culver City, CA, for a smile makeover:

Fix Worn Down, Cracked, Or Broken Teeth

Biting on nails, chewing ice, or grinding of teeth causes wear and tear on the teeth. In the case of falls or hits in the mouth, teeth also get cracked, broken, or chipped. Although composite bonding can address minor cracks in the tooth, moderate cracking needs crowns.

However, the most serious tooth cracks require root canal therapy before receiving a crown. A dental crown procedure addresses the damage by covering these imperfections. The restoration also prevents further damage to the tooth.

To repair the broken tooth, the dentist near you uses two techniques after completing the root canal procedure. The first one is sealing the affected tooth with the dental filling. The other one will cover the tooth with a dental cap. A dead tooth, mainly that with molars, needs a dental crown. It stops it from breaking.

Address Stained or Decayed Teeth

If you have large cavities or severely stained teeth, getting dental crowns can help you accomplish an excellent outcome by restoring the original shine.

Gives a More Even Shape to the Tooth

If your tooth looks smaller or shorter than the nearby teeth, it appears embarrassing. In this case, crowns can help to make your teeth identical in shape, size, and length.

Rescue Severely Damaged Teeth

When the dentist finds the tooth weak and damaged severely, he/she uses a dental crown or eliminates the tooth. The dentist typically refers to ceramic and porcelain dental crowns during smile makeovers. It’s because they provide the most natural appearance.

Crowns Are Permanent

Dental crowns are a long-lasting option as compared to other smile makeover treatments. The dental cap creates an unseen barrier between other mouths. It blocks the dangerous bacteria, acids, sugars, and starch from getting in touch with the tooth.

Versatile Cosmetic Treatment 

Dental crowns are a multi-faceted cosmetic dental treatment that can address numerous imperfections in teeth. For example, these restorations can close spaces between teeth and address discoloration, chips, or crookedness in the teeth.

Crowns let individuals cover unpleasant or damaged teeth with aesthetically pleasing caps. These caps are tailored to resemble the shade and shape of the remaining teeth.

Replace Missing Teeth

To replace missing teeth, the dentist usually prefers a dental implant. After its placement and when the site heals fully, the professional wears a dental cap on top of it. It serves as a natural-looking solution for lost teeth.

Process of Crowns for Smile Makeover

When you meet with the dentist for a smile makeover, he/she advises dental caps as a part of the process. Below is the detailed procedure that shows how the dentist at Relate Dental Care restores the tooth’s appearance using a crown.

  • Once the dentist finds the patient an ideal candidate for a crown, he/she eliminates some part of the enamel from every four sides.
  • Next, he/she takes a digital impression of the tooth and sends them to the laboratory for creating a crown. It usually takes nearly two weeks for it to reach the dental office.
  • In the meantime, the professional put a temporary cap using temporary cement to cover the prepared tooth.
  • When a custom crown gets ready, the dentist calls the patient for an appointment. During this, the expert replaces the temporary crown with the custom cap.
  • Before putting the permanent crown in its ideal position, the dentist makes the required adjustments.

Dental Crown Recovery

After the dentist installs crowns, few patients experience sensitive teeth for several days. The dentist also recommends refraining from sticky, tough, or chewy food for the initial days. Moreover, flossing and brushing of crowns are essential to keep them in optimal shape.

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